At the heart of Saigol DDC’s success is an uncompromising commitment to quality. To live up to its famous trademark of “Magnificence. Distinction.” only the finest materials are used and only the most skilled craftsmen employed: artisans who have worked on some of England’s most prestigious buildings from St Paul’s Cathedral and Hampton Court Palace to Downing College Cambridge and The Houses of Parliament.

Saigol DDC’s dedication to quality is evidenced by its painstaking attention to detail and choice of finishes inspired by some of the finest spas in the world such as the Bulgari Spa and leading designers such as Tom Ford.

The lines of bookmatched marble run seamlessly through a room as though the stones were formed precisely around the room’s dimensions. Working closely with specialist quarries in Italy, selecting only the most beautiful blocks and ensuring every slab is individually selected and sized perfectly for the room, Saigol DDC ensures each piece is transported in exact numbered order from Italy so it fits precisely into its designated location.

For its gardens, Saigol DDC handpicks the finest mature trees from across Europe. Specially grown and nurtured for over 20 years, they are better able to retain their leaves and withstand British winter conditions. They have also had time to flourish into their most beautiful forms. Unsurprisingly, Saigol DDC has used garden designers who have been award-winners at The Chelsea Flower Show.

From the furniture to the fabrics, every aspect of a Saigol DDC interior is designed precisely to ensure that every piece is tailored to its specific location so each room’s richness and individuality is optimised.

Joinery in Saigol DDC’s principal rooms undergoes a 15-step polishing process to obtain a 100% sheen level that is finer than automotive paint finish. This brings out the best in the fine hand-selected woodwork.

Creating a Saigol DDC super prime property is a demanding task, but that is because uncompromising quality and detail are paramount